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Dr. Naik

Dr. Nirav Naik, MD, FACS has over 15 years of experience in performing weight loss surgery. Beginning with his residency training and open gastric bypass surgery, he has evolved his techniques and breadth of surgeries he performs to include laparoscopy and cutting edge technology to provide the best potential outcomes for his patients. He is always learning about new ways to improve his outcomes and patient satisfaction. He started NewLife Weight Loss Solutions to offer a better, more comprehensive program to ensure better results and a supportive environment in which patients put their own health as the goal of treatment.

Dr. Naik prides himself on being able to connect to patients as people, not only as patients. His friendly and affable demeanor invites patients to feel at ease with all discussions. His attention to detail and explaining treatment goals, risks, and benefits leave our patients with an excellent understanding of what surgery can help with and also what patients have responsibility for.

At NewLife Weight Loss Solutions we believe in surgery as a tool to help achieve long term healthy weight loss. This means incorporation of healthy lifestyle changes, meaning elimination of poor eating habits, and beginning a regular exercise program. Without this whole lifestyle approach, Surgery alone is rarely enough to get the healthy results we seek. We don't just want to see you lose weight, we want you to lose weight AND be HEALTHY for life!!

We Have developed a team of well qualified support staff to help guide you through this life changing journey. This Includes a dietician, physiotherapist, counseling, support groups, and ongoing follow-up. This means you will never be alone in this process. Surgery is just the beginning...We will be there to guide you the whole way!

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